The ABBC Bakery

All of the bread used on our menu is baked fresh, in house, daily. We normally feature a variety of our handmade breads and desserts.

In addition to being produced for our own entrees, we are proud to provide our bakery services and products to local businesses. Even if you are interested in something special for a personal event or occasion, we are excited to discuss baking it for you!

You will find our baked goods enhancing your experience here:

The Hive @ 21c
Ozark Natural Foods
Church & Center St. Arsaga's
Arsaga's at The Depot
Fayetteville Public Library Arsaga's
UofA Law Library Arsaga's
Blackboard Grocery + Eatery

If you are interested in our wholesale products please get in touch!

From the Bakery
San Francisco Style Sourdough
American Sourdough, silky, crusty and very robust and tangy due to the large amount of sourdough used to make the dough. All sourdough breads are made using an endemic 14 year old yeast culture maintained by our staff.
Buckwheat Sourdough
Organic Buckwheat, Stone Ground Whole Wheat and War Eagle Organic Rye Flours and a touch of honey add an earthy sweetness that balances the tangy bite of a traditional French country sourdough.
Garlic Asiago Sourdough
Similar to our traditional San Francisco Style sourdough, this rich and flavorful loaf is loaded with garlic flavor. We replace the water in this recipe with a house made garlic stock. Loads of fresh garlic heads are added to a classic French vegetable stock of fresh carrot, white onion, celery, bay leaf and black peppercorn and allowed to simmer f...
Everything Sourdough
Everything you love about an everything bagel is packed into this house favorite. Our house made garlic stock once again replaces water in this American Style sourdough batard. The addition of black poppyseed, dried onion, white sesame seed and flake salt round out this classically flavored loaf.
Sprouted 7-Grain Whole Wheat
Organic Raw Sunflower and Brown Flax Seeds are sprouted with six additional organic grains to release essential oils and beneficial enzymes, then added to a whole wheat dough with milk, honey and olive oil resulting in a surprisingly soft yet meaty crumb and a chewy, hearty crust.
Traditional French Sourdough Baguette. A labor of love resulting in an authentic recipe with all the characteristics of the old world favorite: a crisp and chewy crust enveloping an open, soft crumb. A perfect compliment to every meal.
Sourdough Baguette Sub Roll
Recipe that was developed on the first baking day at Apple Blossom. A well balanced combination of a traditional French Baguette and an American style sourdough with a crisp, hearty crust and an open, chewy crumb.
English Muffins
A house specialty. Our house made dough is shaped by hand and grilled in clarified butter and cornmeal to give these muffins their distinctive deep golden color and fluffy, chewy interior.
Pain Viennois
Recipe based on a Brioche style French butter roll that was the precursor to the classic American Parker House roll, enhanced with the addition of sourdough which gives it a deeper flavor, light fluffy crumb and soft, chewy crust. Available in torpedo rolls or large sliced pan loaves.
Honey Wheat
A classic American light wheat bread. We use the old dough method by starting our fresh dough with leftover dough from the day before, imparting a deeper flavor, increasing shelf life and making the resulting loaf easier to digest.
Apple Blossom Rustic White
In an attempt to improve upon sliced white bread, we utilize an Italian style old dough method, extra virgin olive oil, honey and small amounts of whole wheat and organic rye flours to impart a deeper flavor while maintaining the classic fluffiness of the original.

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