Beer, Wine & Spirits

Most Apple Blossom beers are available year round on tap or to-go in our 32 oz and 64 oz growlers. Please call us at (479) 287-4344 if you are interested in our beers by the keg. We also stock a full bar, variety of wines, and a compliment of specialty cocktails

Limited release brews are only available while they last.


Our Limited Release Brews

Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Boggy Stock Ale Bomber (Stock Ale)

$18- Aged in bourbon barrels for a minimum of six months, with malt flavors of caramel, molasses, dark cherry, vanilla, and massive aromas of bourbon. 22oz bottle.

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Craft Brews Available on Tap

Blank Canvas Berlinerweisse (Sour - Berliner Weisse)

$6 – A traditional German wheat ale purposefully inoculated with bacteria to produce a bright, crisp, and refreshingly tart flavor. Perfect for warm weather.

Want to  get involved in the brewing arts?! Turn this seasonal brew into a collaborative work of art by adding in your own creative touch with one of an assortment of syrups created in the ABBC kitchen.

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Bloodhound (Barleywine - English)

$6 – Huge malt flavors of rich, dark caramel and toffee blend nicely with a touch of dried fruit. Moderately sweet, this enormous beer is balanced by crisp, herbaceous English hops and a warming alcohol bite. Meant to be enjoyed slowly, this beer will change in the glass as it is allowed time to warm slightly. 8oz. pour, served in a snifter.

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Boggy Stock Ale (Stock Ale)

$8- Aged for a minimum of six months in bourbon barrels, with malt flavors of caramel, molasses, dark cherry, vanilla, and massive aromas of bourbon. Served on draft in an 8oz snifter. Also available in 22oz bottles.

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Boggy Stock Ale Bomber (Stock Ale)

$18- Aged in bourbon barrels for a minimum of six months, with malt flavors of caramel, molasses, dark cherry, vanilla, and massive aromas of bourbon. 22oz bottle.

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Dry Cider (Cider)

$6.5 – Dry and crisp, with a slightly sweet, green apple flavor that quickly gives way to a delightful, semi-tart finish. Highly carbonated to give a spritzy and refreshing mouthfeel.

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Earl Grey ESB (Extra Special / Strong Bitter)

The first ever collaboration between a Northwest Arkansas and a Central Arkansas brewery! Apple Blossom Brewing Company and Moody Brews worked together to create this unique take on a classic English beer style. Organic Earl Grey tea provides strong citrus and earthy tea aroma, backed up by the nutty, caramel body provided by the traditional Marris Otter malt base. Hop and tea bitterness combine for a crisp, refreshing finish.

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Fayetteweisse (Kristallweizen)

$4.5 – Originally a yeast propagation beer, we decided to leave this on tap due to customer demand! A classic light American lager taste, craft beer style!

Watching your figure? This beer has an estimated 120 Calories per 12oz serving.

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Kessler Trail Ale (Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden)

$5 – Named after the iconic trail of Mt. Kessler, this Belgian Single Ale is crisp and refreshing, perfect for those long hikes. Imported Belgian Pilsner and American Pale malt create a fusion of crisp, light malt flavors. Spiced with German Perle hops.

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Hazy Morning Coffee Stout (Stout - American)

$ 6.5 – A modified version of our Two Black Dogs Oatmeal Stout. This beer was gently aged on thirty pounds of our house arabica blend roasted by Arsaga’s. Strong notes of coffee in the nose with hints of floral and citrus from the use of American hops. Medium bodied beer with medium notes of oats and malted barley, and a dominant flavor of coffee.

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Orange Wheat (American Wheat)

$5.5 – An American wheat with Valencia oranges and coriander. This fan favorite is perfectly citrusy and slightly spicy.

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Robust Porter (Porter - Other)

$6 – Semi-sweet dark chocolate and coffee-like roasted malts are the dominant flavors and aromas of this beer, with a hint of nuttiness on the back end. Northern Brewer hops add a distinct flavor of mint with an assertive, but pleasant, bitterness to balance out the profile of this beer.

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The Trouble With Tripels (Belgian Tripel)

$8.5  A strong golden ale with a hint of citrus, Belgian yeast, cloves and banana

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Nitro White IPA (IPA - White)

$6.50 A mild caramel sweetness, with flavors and aromas of melon, papaya, blueberries and peaches, with an assertive hop bitterness.

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Specialty Cocktails

Blueberry Blossom

$9 – Bulleit Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Blueberry Syrup, Sprite

Creamsicle Martini

$10- Stoli Vanil Vodka, Grand Marnier, Orange Juice, and a Splash of Cream

Cucumber Melon Martini

$10 – Hendrick’s Gin, Cucumber, Watermelon Schnapps, Lime Juice

Pimm’s Cup

$10- Pimm’s No. 1, Sprite, Cucumber, Lemon, Mint

Pink Flamingo Martini

$10 – St.  Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Absolut Citron, Lemon and Cranberry Juices

Pirate Punch

$9 – Captain Morgan’s Pineapple Rum, Peach Schnapps, Grenadine, Lime Juice

Purple Rain Martini

$10 – Absolut Citron, Chambord, Peach Schnapps, Champagne


$9 – Hussong’s Tequila, Pomegranate Liqueur, Triple Sec, Grenadine, Sweet & Sour

Skinny Jeans

$9 – Beefeater Gin, Champagne, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup

The Yacht Club

$9  Gin, St. Germain, Grapefruit Juice, with a Splash of IPA

Violet Brut

$9 – Champagne, Blueberry Simple Syrup


Bella Glos Meiomi Pinot Noir

$10 Glass | $35 Bottle

Chamisal Stainless Chardonnay

$8 Glass | $27 Bottle

Storypoint Cabernet Sauvignon

$8 Glass | $29 Bottle

Lolea Sangria

$7 | By the Glass Only

Marquis de la Tour Brut Champagne

$7.5 Glass | $27 Bottle

Murphy Goode California Red Blend

$7.5 Glass | $29 Bottle

Noble Vines 242 Sauvignon Blanc

$7 Glass | $27 Bottle

Pacific Rim Riesling

$7.5 Glass | $27 Bottle

Ruta 22 Malbec

$7.5 Glass | $27 Bottle

Seven Falls Merlot

$8 Glass | $29 Bottle

VillaViva Rose

$7 Glass | $27 Bottle

Voga Pinot Grigio

$7.5 Glass | $29 Bottle

Zonin Prosseco

$7.5 Glass | $27 Bottle